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The Moon Goals Notebook has a truly unique character. Its cover is dreamy, delicate, and one-of-a-kind. This planner infuses your path toward your dreams with magical moments, making it perfect for those who passionately chase every dream and goal.


It is a planner that helps you define your short and medium term goals and map out a process to achieve them. Its structure guides you step by step to turn each dream into a goal and each goal into an achievable plan.

This notebook will guide you in order to help you define your goals properly and establish a realistic plan to achieve them. With the dream/goals notebook you will be able to materialize everything that crosses your mind.

Pages: 170 pages
Dimensions: 21cm x 14cm.
Paper: Natural paper 100 gr.
Hard cardboard cover with rounded corners.
Space to develop 20 goals.
Sewn binding with cloth lining on the spine.

The developement of each goal includes:
+ Description of the goal.
+ Vision board
+ Brainstorming
+ Action plan
+ Priorities and annotations
+ Planning calendar

Peninsula: from 48 to 72 working hours. May vary depending on the season. For Balearic Islands from 3 to 5 days and Canary Islands from 5 to 10 working days.

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Set goals

Turn your dream into a SMART goal.



Create new ideas

Get excited, visualize and think about how you are going to achieve it.




Action plan

Reach your goal through small projects and to-dos. Prioritize and schedule.

How to use the Cuaderno de Sueños How to use the Cuaderno de Sueños How to use the Cuaderno de Sueños How to use the Cuaderno de Sueños How to use the Cuaderno de Sueños

Make your dreams
come true with the
 Cuaderno de Sueños 

Península: 48 – 72 horas laborables. Dependiendo de la temporada puede variar. Para las Islas Baleares de 3 a 5 días e Islas Canarias, de 5 a 10 días laborables. Para más información sobre envíos a otros países de Europa, EEUU o Suramérica ir a Envíos y Devoluciones.

Cuaderno de objetivos planificacion de metas a corto y medio plazo para conseguirlas cuaderno de suenos Moon de balamoda


In stock

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