Comunidad metódica

El ME TO-DO se ha convertido en la herramienta de planificación de más de 30.000 personas desde su lanzamiento en 2019. 
Eso ha llevado a formar una gran comunidad de metódicas y metódicos que lo utilizan cada día y lo comparten con todos a través de las redes sociales.

Somos una comunidad a la
que nos mueven los mismos intereses: el crecimiento profesional y personal, la motivación, la planificación, los sueños…

Somos una comunidad muy variada, entre las metódicas y metódicos se encuentran: profesores, opositores, estudiantes, médicos, farmacéuticos, psicólogos, emprendedores, periodistas, diseñadores… Tenemos de todo un poco y eso nos encanta porque aprendemos mucho unos de otros.


Siempre decimos que el mejor ejemplo es el vuestro y cada cierto tiempo hacemos un directo con una metódica para que nos cuente su experiencia con el ME TO-DO y cómo se organiza en su profesión. Te dejamos una selección de vídeos para ver si te sientes identificada y te ayudan a despejar tus dudas sobre si el ME TO-DO es una herramienta para ti.


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Methodical Community

Since its launch in 2019, ME TO-DO has become the preferred planning tool for over 30,000 individuals. Its widespread adoption has led to the creation of a robust community of methodical individuals who utilize the planner on a daily basis and share their positive experiences with others via social media.

Our methodical community is incredibly diverse, featuring individuals from a wide range of professions including teachers, students, doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, entrepreneurs, journalists, designers, and many more. This diverse community provides a unique opportunity for individuals to learn from one another and gain valuable insights from a variety of perspectives.


We strongly believe that the best example is set by our own community members. That’s why we regularly conduct live shows featuring methodical individuals who share their personal experiences with ME TO-DO and how they use it to organize their professional and personal lives. We have curated a selection of videos that you can watch to determine if you feel identified with their stories. Perhaps, this will help you to clear any doubts you may have about whether ME TO-DO is the right tool for you.

However, we have no doubt that ME TO-DO can benefit anyone looking to become more organized and efficient in their daily lives.



Beatriz Saralegui tells us how ME TO-DO has changed the way she plans her work. She has been able to better define priorities, better manage time and identify the areas in which she adds value to her business.


Ana Lordán tells us about her adventure as enterpreneur at the age of 24. In this live interview she explains how, through the 12 ME TO-DO techniques, she manages to accomplish everything she sets out to do and the variety of tasks she performs in her company. In addition, it helps her to reconcile her entrepreneurship with another of her professions, teaching at the University.


Miguel Ángel is an industrial engineer and tells us how ME TO-DO has helped him to be more productive and organized. ME TO-DO has given him peace of mind and he tells us how he manages his professional and personal life with the same tool.


Sonia explains how she uses ME TO-DO to manage her classes and gather her daily planning, loose ideas and important notes in one place. She also tells us how it has become a key tool for preparing her classes and scheduling appointments and meetings.



Download this free guide where we explain the 12 organization techniques of the ME TO-DO and the step by step of how to use it. You will see that it is very easy.


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