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mini ME TO-DO

Tangerine vol.2


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mini ME TO -DO

Mandarina Vol.2*

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The mini ME TO-DO Tangerine is a planner with incredible strength. A dose of energy to face the school year with positivity and success. It has a perfect color to help you get motivated with daily organization.
This mini ME TO-DO works on the following values: optimism, courage, creativity, honesty and excellence.


The mini ME TO-DO is a school agenda and planner that helps children become more organized and independent, develop positive habits and live a life with values.

The mini ME TO-DO is much more than a school agenda. It is a planner and diary that helps the development of emotional intelligence through 12 simple techniques of organization and personal reflection. It is an indispensable tool to educate from a young age in habits suck as: organization, determination, self-control, willpower and self-esteem. Perfect for boys and girls between 7 and 14 years old.

Pages: 186 pages
Dimensions: 21 cm x 14,8 cm.
Paper: Natural paper 100 gr.
Hard cover with gold stamping.
It has no dates. You can start when it suits you best.
+ 4 annual calendars.  
+ 2 class schedules.
+ 20 weeks to plan. 
- Learning of a value
- Schedule for the week
-Daily planner
-Week review


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Organization and autonomy

They will be able to make a list of tasks, mark their priorities, and establish times for each activity.



Self-evaluation and self-control

Daily reflection to be aware of what they learned, get to know and manage their emotions as well as work on self-esteem.




Values-based education

Taught different sections in the mini ME TO-DO through the practical learning of fundamental values for their integral development.

How to use the mini ME TO-DO How to use the mini ME TO-DO How to use the mini ME TO-DO How to use the mini ME TO-DO How to use the mini ME TO-DO

Organized and happy
kids with
 mini ME TO-DO 


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Mandarina Vol.2*”